Raspberry Pi broken UI (tested on 64-bit)

I’ve been compiling on CI for raspberry many times without problems, and I just discovered that one of my apps is having troubles rendering the main window on raspberry.
Strangely, I have another app that works just fine.
I decided to compile it directly from the Raspberry, starting with the Projucer, and I discovered that the Projucer itself is having the exact same problem:

I’ll try to summarize my findings, you can try the bleeding edge version to see the problem

OS = Raspbian Bullseye 64-bit
JUEC : Fork synchronized to latest commit of develop branch (slightly modified but no big UI changes)
App1 = Chataigne ( Chataigne | Chataigne )
App2 = LGML ( LGML | Le Grand Mechant Loop )

Normal GUI Mode (not using OpenGL Renderer) :
App1 = Works
App2 = Does not work (screenshot above)
Projucer = Does not work (screenshot above)

OpenGL renderer mode :
App1 = Works
App2 = Works but not really : the app shows quite alright but the menubar is showing the same bug
Projucer = Not tested with GL renderer

App1 & App2 are both using the same sub-framework for generating the UI ( OrganicUI : GitHub - benkuper/juce_organicui: A massive JUCE module that adds multiple UI and control features ) which allows to switch between renderers.

It’s quite reassuring that Projucer is having the same problem but then I don’t know why App1 is actually working…

If you have any idea about that I’m all ears !
Thank you

Thanks, that’s fixed here:

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