Windows not repainting on Raspberry PI

I was trying to do some stuff on the raspberry, JUCE compiles fine it gets drawn exactly once but never again (the paint() call is never called more then once). It does not matter if i try to move the windows, resize it or use a timer() to call repaint() another call to paint() never occurs. The application runs fine all the timers/threads are working it's just that the window does not repaint.

This looks like a raspbery PI issue only, so i'm guessing it might be a armv6 issue. I tested some code on the Exynos (armv7l) and that worked fine.

I managed to find a work around by using setBufferedToImage() on my components, i also don't set the XRENDER, XSHM, XCURSOR flags when compiling. In that configuration the components that need repaintin actualy repaint.

I was trying to debug this and find the actual cause but the raspberry is waaay to slow and after spending hours stepping through loads of code i couldn't get anywhere.

Maybe someone has an idea on that ?

Try vnc'ing in - I have repaint funnies on my Raspi when using the monitor direct -but if I VNC in, everything renders fine. I'm wondering if it's a driver funny / some optiimization it's doing which doesn't happen across VNC

This should be fixed now in the latest github version.