Rattle problem with multiple AUv3 instances : Solved

Dear Swarmintelligence!
I’ve got a nagging problem.
While running my AUv3 plugin in AUM on iOS, there are no problems with CPU. A single instance of my plug uses 18% CPU (yes, it is a heavy plugin).
when I load 2 instances of my plugin in AUM, the CPU is doubled ofcourse, but it is all within the limits.
Nonetheless I can hear a rattle as soon as I run 2 instances. It comes from both plugins then.
My plugin is a standard AudioProcessor, all functions and data are contained within.
A few details that might matter:
-I use the standard FFT function from Juce
-I use vectorised resonators, using SIMDregister
thanks in advance for any hints!

It was my own coding, I actually used some “static” vars: I didn’t know those work as wormholes in plugins… Lesson learned!
Leaving it here for others like me, to help them realise that they are not the only stupid programmers in the universe, that others have made the mistake before.

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