Raw 64 bit VST3 plugin fails to clone or reload in FL Studio 12


Came across a weird issue. And the issue only happens on 64 bit VST3 plugin, 32 bit/64 bit VST and 32 bit VST3 all work fine. I am on Windows 10 with the latest JUCE 4.3.0, and the previous version JUCE4.2.3 has the same issue.

I used the Projucer to create a 64 bit VST3 plugin demo( Project Settings: Audio plugin, Build VST3, channel {0, 2}, is a Synth, plugin wants MIDI input ), then load the plugin in FL Studio 12 64bit.

Every time I try to clone the plugin, or load a project with the plugin in it, it will throw a read access violation exception in juce_VST3_Wrapper.cpp, see the picture below( Sorry, I can only upload one picture as a new user, so I combined the screenshots together…):

I’m trying to reproduce this - what do you mean by clone a plug-in? I’ve not got a license for FL Studio 12 so loading things from file is blocked.

Hey Tom,

Thanks for your reply. To clone a plugin, you just need to load a plugin, then right click on it, then there would be a clone option, it will duplicate the plugin you selected.

If it’s not obvious what the problem is, you can always try your luck on the FL forums. The devs are usually on it in a short period of time!

I’ve pushed a fix for this to the develop branch.

Thanks Tom, it works fine now! :slight_smile: