Reason for image not loading?

I’m trying to figure out why a plugin (AAX) is crashing in Pro Tools when the UI is shown. We’re using the same graphics in this project as we use in other plugins, but it’s hitting an assertion when debugging:

            auto cgImage = dynamic_cast<CoreGraphicsImage*> (image.getPixelData());
            jassert (cgImage != nullptr); // if USE_COREGRAPHICS_RENDERING is set, the CoreGraphicsImage class should have been used.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong here, or different from our other projects. (Running in Xcode 10 under OS 10.15.)


That indeed looks to be the problem. No idea how to resolve it, though. Gonna see if simply running my debug build in an earlier OS works or not. If so, I can at least move on with what I was working on originally.

Renaming CoreGraphicsImage class to MyCoreGraphicsImage does the trick

If you use cmake you can try as well
set_target_properties({targetname} PROPERTIES CXX_VISIBILITY_PRESET hidden) set_target_properties({targetname} PROPERTIES VISIBILITY_INLINES_HIDDEN 1)

or their regular flags equivalent

Works fine in 10.14. Using that for now. Hopefully a Pro Tools update resolves it. Will check that when I get a chance.