Receiving plugin loading errors

Hi Jules

Will it be possible to add an error parameter to AudioPluginFormat to identify plugins that caused errors while loading?

I only tried it in VST-Win env:


				 effect = module->moduleMain (&audioMaster);

				int lastError = GetLastError();

				if(lastError != 0)
					Logger::writeToLog("An error has occurred while loading the plugin");;


Well, I could, but it doesn’t seem very robust to me… It’d be perfectly reasonable for a plugin to do something that sets an error code (e.g. try to open a file, to see if it exists), and that’d give you a false alarm.

And I don’t really see why it’d be particularly useful, anyway?

I understand, and that’s really what I should ask:

What should be my plugin scanning heuristic?

I’ve been thinking about this issue for quite some time now, whether I should do a shallow scanning or a deep scanning.
On one hand, If I’ll be able to successfully filter out nasty plugins, my host will be much more stable => much better user experience.
On the other hand, thorough scanning is a big headache, I doubt if anybody ever got it performing right.

I’ll be happy to hear any comment about this issue.