Recent commit breaks compatibilty with OSX target SDK 10.6

in commit 4eec614 (Remove default keywords from MidiMessageSequence to be compatible with VS 2013), std::move was used to replace the keyword.

Unfortunately std::move is not present if OSX Deployment target 10.6 is used as it requires an older standard library with incomplete C++11 support. Of course JUCE_COMPILER_SUPPORTS_MOVE_SEMANTICS is still true because the compiler is new and move semantics work, just not std::move.

For OSX a workaround is to roll back just this commit - but that of course won’t work for MSVC2013. Maybe another MACRO constant would be in order… JUCE_STD_MOVE_AVAILABLE or something like that which would depend on MSVC version and OSX Deployment Target

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+1 for this request, I’m in the exactly same dev. configuration (VS 2013 on Win and deployment target 10.6 on Mac)

OK this is fixed on the latest develop branch.

Thanks heaps! yfede, I moved to MSVC 2015 in the meantime as someone figured out how to build dlls xp-compatible if required. This is described in another thread: