Recommended Juce Testing Tool

Following a preliminary discussion initiated in a previous thread (see issue Projucer 4.3.1 problem with on-screen keyboard which is a regression of 4.3.0), regarding the methods used to ensure the non regression of the developed widgets/components, I open this thread to get more information…

So the point is the following : What is your recommended method to test Juce applications, knowing that the classical used tools in GUI Testing (Ranorex, Selenium, Squish, Silk Test, or also QTP, UFT…) don’t work.

We need your status and advice, specially because we really want to have a strict control of the stability of all our produced software. The level of stability/quality is an important criteria for our developments (in fact, for all the developments in general, not only ours :slight_smile: )

Thanks in advance for your answers.

PS: When I was in Juce Summit 2015, I didn’t have the opportunity to address this point…


This is a great question.


Any comments/ideas ?

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