Recommended repaintrate for AudioVisualiserComponent?

So far I’ve been setting the repaintrate on the AudioVisualiserComponents my plugin uses to 80, and it seemed to perform well on my pc, and on a modern mac machine. However, on my friend’s slightly older mac machine, which uses a core 2 duo @ 2.4ghz with integrated graphics, the AudioVisualiserComponents (2 of them) causes my plugin to use a huge amount of cpu, around 60% in fact. Is this normal, and is 80 an absurdly high repaint rate? Is the AudioVisualiserComponent known to not play nicely with older integrated graphics chips? I do find that values below this appear to look stuttery.

Thanks in advance!

For me 30 Hz worked fine. It should not be noticable.
When it looks stuttery, I would assume, it actually doesn’t paint as fast as called.

There was a throtteling in place for repaint rates above 30 Hz on certain OSX versions, I don’t know if that is still in place.

But what helped me in a similar situation, to make sure, that I really only call repaint from one timer. If I had the timer and a callback from a calculation calling repaint, they would fight each other, even making the host’s repaint chopped.
The AudioVisualiserComponent has a timer, if the parent also has a timer to call repaint, maybe they fight each other?

Yeah just tested again in 30hz and looks nasty, very jittery. The parent component does call repaint, but only if I change the value of a certain slider. I tried setting a breakpoint on its paint() and looking at the stack trace but cant find anything useful there.

Not sure what you’re expecting if using the software renderer… It has to be the shittiest means of drawing anything on screen.

Use OpenGL.

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I ran into the same issue and created an OpenGL version of the AudioVisualiserComponent. It’s pretty hacky right now, and it doesn’t support rendering multiple channels, and looks a bit weird - but maybe it will help :slight_smile:

Here’s the gist, hopefully that will get you started.

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Interesting, might give it a go. Does it allow me to customize colours?