Remove application window border

Hey, I'm trying to remove/make invisible the 1px border around my main application window. There's several inconclusive threads about this on the forum, some saying they have done it, others saying they weren't able to.

drawResizableWindowBorder in LnF would seem like the place to do this, but it doesn't appear to do anything on closer inspection?!  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Presumably the JuceDemo example still has a (n-pixel) border when the main title-bar is removed (using the demo example)?

{If so, I don't know the answer - but it may be clearer for others if they know}

Yea in the JuceDemo Windows examples, the windows with custom titlebars do still have the 1px border around them. Perhaps I should have clarified, I am using a custom titlebar. When using the osx native titlebar, the corners of the application window are curved automatically, but this is lost when using a custom titlebar.

If it's inefficient on Windows, I don't mind just having the curved corners in OSX (so it matches with the style of other applications). On Windows, square corners are fine as that matches the standard there.