remove 'const' modifier in JucerApplication::getCommandInfo

I just built the new Jucer from git and ended up with the main menu not working properly (for example it lacked the ‘new project’ item).

The signature of JucerApplication::getCommandInfo() still contains the const modifer that was removed from JUCEApplication::getCommandInfo() - there is also a warning about it when compiling in VS.

Just removing the ‘const’ seems to be enough, or am I missing something?

Sorry, must have missed that one. It’s not something that’ll cause any problems, but yes, removing the const will avoid the warning. I’ll tidy it up.

Thanks a lot for your quick response. For me (compiling with the included project file for vs2005) this didn’t only result in a warning, but it made the resulting binary pretty useless, as all commands defined in JUCE_Applicaton::getCommandInfo() were missing in the menu. After removing the const, the method is called and everything works as expected.

ah, yes, I suppose in old VS versions it could cause trouble.