Remove Resizable Corner Icon

Hey there, is there any way to remove/ set to non visible the small corner resizer icon?

I’m working on a resizable vst3, so far I tried
setResizable(true,true); -> ok

resizableCorner->setLookAndFeel -> no success
resizableCorner->setVisible -> no success
resizableCorner->setAlpha-> no success
resizableCorner->setOpaque-> no success

at this point I understand I have no idea what I’m doing, any help would be really appreciated !

I’m not sure what you want to achieve, but you can setResizable(false, false) and then when you want to resize your plugin call setSize(int newWidth, int newHeight) in your editor.

Simply set your own look and feel and then leave the function that draws that corner empty.

Mind you, that resizing the plugin by dragging the border doesn’t work in Logic, maybe it doesn’t in all AUs?
Logic shows the resizer cursor over the border, but it only works for apples own plugins.
This issue seems independent from JUCE. I don’t know of any non-Apple-OEM plugin that allows resizing via dragging the border.
Some have a combo box for different sizes, others use a dragger like the corner resizer.

I would be curious to learn, if anybody has found a workaround or at least any plugin, that managed to resize dragging the borders.

EDIT, just read your post again:
Make sure to call setResizeable BEFORE you set a size. People tend to code after the setSize call in the template, this should really be the last line of the editor.

Thanks a lot, I didn’t find the first time the “drawCornerResizer” method to override!