setResizable plugin


is it possible to make resizeable window for plugin? I use setResizable method, and it works on standalone application, but for plugins it doesn’t work. I read some threads on that forum and it looks like it doesn’t work only for Mac AU, but for VST it works.
There was some explanation how to set it in Mac OS, but those explanation are not clear for me.
Could anyone help me? Thanks in advance.


I had to move the setResizable call before the setSize call in the Editor constructor.
Maybe that helps in your case as well…

Good luck!


Hey, it helped :slight_smile:
Strange, but thank you


Hello again,
one more time thanks for your help, but there is still problem, when I don’t want the special “resize corner” on the bottom right corner, so I use:
setResizable(true, false);
and then resizing doesn’t work. Don’t you know how to repair that? I don’t like that corner, and in Logic Pro it looks strange, because Logic gives all plugins its own frame. So it looks like there are 2 frames, and at all it looks strange, not good.


Fighting with Logic as well, my resizing also stopped working while experimenting.
Somebody mentioned, these values are cached by logic’s plugin scan, so it will be a matter of removing the plugin, rescanning the plugins and re adding it…
I’ll try here as well when I get to that…