Static plugin window sizing

I'm writing a project using the Audio Plugin Demo as a starting point.

I want to have a non resizeable window so have removed the ResizableCornerComponent stuff etc which does the job of not allowing the window to be resized by the user. I now want to set a specific window size.

When I use setSize(n,n) inside the JuceDemoPluginAudioProcessEditor constructor it seems to only resize the background which is inside the plugin window. 

I have tried replacing the resizing stuff I removed, and setting specific values in setSize still only changes the background inside the main window.

Does anyone know how I can change the whole main window size?

Thanks a lot laugh

Sorry to bump this, but could anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks

Setting the size of your editor component will resize the plugin window. The ResizableCornerComponent just calls setSize, there's nothing magic about it.

If you're resizing something else (and I don't really understand what you mean about resizing the "background"), then you must just be calling setSize on the wrong thing.

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