Request: Set version hint after param construction

In my code I have many reusable classes that contain shared lists of parameters, for example attack, decay, sustain and release parameters for ADSR.

In those cases many plugins might grab that list and add it to the processor, but obviously the version hint would be different in each plugin.

Would it be possible to add a public setter for the hint so each plugin could set the version after creation but before calling `addParameter’ (where the validation of the parameter takes place)?

You could add the VersionHint as argument to the method that returns e.g. the ADSR parameters…

Yes, but they’re not all the same version.

For example, it’s possible the plugin was released with the ADSR class only having attack and release parameters.

Later we add decay and sustain, and want that existing plugin to explicitly say that the decay and release are new, without changing the version to all of them or to other plugins that might have a different configuration.