ResizableWindow question

I am writing an app whose main window is merely derived from Component, not from ResizableWindow because it is arbitrary shaped (non-rectangular).

I want to know how I can minimise it without inheriting from ResizableWindow or I want to know how to get rid of the borders of the ResizableWindow :slight_smile:

If I use SetVisible(false) then it just dissapears from the TaskBar.

I also want to know how I can show it again by pressing on it in the taskbar.

ComponentPeer* const peer = mainWindow->getPeer(); if (peer != 0) peer->setMinimised (true);

Thanks for that one! It works.

Another question: When I press the App on the taskbar to show it again, how do I react to that message (before the window shows up) ?

Ah I found it: Component::visibilityChanged()