Resizing plugin from VST3 host


I'm developing an audio plugin based on the Redwood example using Xcode on Mac, and I'm using Steinberg VST3 Plugin Host to test the plugin.

The plugin is resizable using custom code, but I am not able to resize the plugin by trying to resize the VST3 host. When mouse cursor goes over to the edge of the plugin the cursor changes to a "resize" cursor, then I try to resize the host by dragging it but it never resizes.

The only way I can resize the plugin at the moment is having a magnifying glass icon hooked up to mouse events for resizing on the plugin.

My questions here are:

    1) If it's possible to let the VST3 host or any other hosts to respond to the mouse dragging for resizing and then notify the plugin.

    2) If above is not possible, is it possible not to change the mouse cursor to a "resize" cursor when it goes over to the edge of the plugin?



AFAIK there's no cross-platform way to let the host handle this. And yes, of course you can change the cursor with the MouseCursor class, but I should warn you that some hosts on OSX will prevent the window getting mouse-moves until you click in it to give it focus.