VST3 Resize Flag

Just a small bug with the VST3 wrapper:


All JUCE VST3 plugins report that they are resizable, meaning that in VST3 hosts, the mouse cursor will turn into a resize arrow. A simple flag in AppConfig would work well here.

Thanks for the heads-up.. This is actually a bit of an awkward thing to fix, as it can't really be done without adding a way for plugin writers to specify whether their UI is resizable or not. That raises the question of whether we force everyone to implement this (and break everyone's code), or have a default value, risking people not knowing about it. We'll figure something out!

Having the plugin and wrapper talk through a ComponentBoundsConstrainer would work pretty well IMHO.

Don't mean to hijack the thread, but might be related?

I just started with JUCE and compiled Audio Plugin Demo. In Cubase, the resizing works for VST2, but not for VST3. As mentioned above, the cursor changes, but dragging the window corner or the sides of the plugin window does nothing. The resizing works for both VST2 and VST3 in Audio Host Demo, so it must be Cubase related.

Currently I am on Mac 10.10 and Cubase 8 64bit. I will have access to Cubase 8 on Windows next week, if that would help.


Digging this up from the graveyard because I was about to make a new topic that’s actually directly related to this one. Are there plans to fix/change the resize always reporting true? It catastrophically breaks Presonus Studio One (due to a bug on their side I’m reporting to them). If a VST3 plugin reports it can resize when it can’t and also it’s smaller than S1’s plugin wrapper window, terrible things happen:


It’s definitely their problem, since that should clearly never happen whether the VST can actually resize or not, but it does kinda add incentive for JUCE to fix the resize too.

This should be fixed with the latest commits on the develop branch.

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Yup that fixes it perfectly, thanks!