Resizing Problem

Also present on the raspberry PI builds, positioning and resizing a window goes completely mad. the window wooshes all over the screen and resize takes just AGES!

Thinking it might be due to a deluge of resize events, i changed my code to defer the actual `resized’ calculation until after a short delay. Like this it would only perform the actual resize once movement stops (like non-solid window move & resize, but done manually). This helps a bit, but it’s still terrible.


I’ve seen this behaviour for a long time on juce + linux, but X11 is not something easy to understand…
It helps a lot if you use native titlebars.

“use native titlebars”

Thanks! that worked. I dont know why the Juce onces are so bad. But this fixes most of the problems.

– hugh.

It seems to be specific to some types of window-manager. I think some of them send synchronous window-moved events, rather than batching them up and sending them asynchronously, so the app ends up blocking for every incremental change when you’re dragging.

I did see a lot of calls to resized' many with repeated bounds that hadnt changed. What i tried, was to only perform theresized’ after significant change (eg 10 pixels), plus a final resized once finished.

It still didnt work. So either (a), the event processing inside Juce before the Component is notified is being swamped or (2) something else as well as events are going on.

Also, the title bar “fix” doesnt really follow logically, but it works!.

– hugh.

I’m also seeing strange movements when moving windows with a non-native title bar. When dragging smoothly the titlebar from left to right, the window jiggles, sometimes jumps backwards or forward then comes back at the correct place. I tried to understand what was going on but it is a bit intractable