Unwanted Window Resizing


With the latest code checked out from the JUCE repository, a bare-bones application under Ubuntu Gutsy (compiz-fusion and metacity show the same behaviour) does some crazy resizing stunts. Basically, dragging the mouse around anywhere in the application (not on the corners) will resize the window VERY quickly in an unwanted manner.

Let me know if I’m not being clear enough!


Maybe something in the window manager had changed - I’ve not got the latest distros yet. But what kind of component is it? Why would it resize at all unless you’re dragging some kind of resizer widget?


It’s just a top-level native title barred window, and it’s not supposed to resize this way as far as I know; I’m just dragging the mouse around inside of the top-level window and it resizes and moves around like it’s been possessed!


bizarre… Maybe it’s the WM itself that’s using the mouse-drag events. Does this happen in the demo app, jucer, etc?


No, it doesn’t, but it also goes away immediately if I don’t use the native title bar (that is, if I omit setUsingNativeTitleBar(true) from my code).


Must be the window manager doing something crazy then…


Any way I could help further diagnose the problem?


i’ve experienced the same problem, after maximize a window and then de-maximize it, if you try to resize it after, it jumps forth and back flickering while keeping the same size (thus being unable to resize it).

i’ve experienced it in 4 different setups of gnome 2.20 with metacity 2.20.1 (latest stable) without any compositing manager. also in kde with kwin 3.5.6 is doing the same, so it must be a X11 windowing code problem.

i have to make a video out of it, it is a very subtle thing to debug and correct.