[RESOLVED] Can TARGET_ARCH be set from Projucer

I’m trying to get an app running on Linux running on an Intel DN2800 Atom board using a CLion cmake build with JUCE 5.4.4

I know that I need to set -march=x86-64 and if I manually edit CMakeLists.txt changing all references from -march=native to -march=x86-64 then the app runs great on the Atom board.

My question is, can TARGET_ARCH be set so it’s exported from Projucer?

I initially tried adding -march=x86-64 to the Projucer --> Linux Makefile --> Extra Compiler Flags and this gives the following in the LinuxMakefile


But looking in the CMakeLists.txt it looks like $(TARGET_ARCH) is already set to native so overrides the -march=x86-64

I then tried adding TARGET_ARCH=x86-64 to Projucer --> Linux Makefile --> Extra Preprocessor Definitions but that didn’t work either.

Any ideas what I should set in Projucer to set TARGET_ARCH ?

[RESOLVED] Easy to do in Projucer 5.4.7 by setting the Linux Makefile architecture.

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