How to determine target architecture in Projucer setting

Hi Jucers,
Please help me this issue: In Projucer settings, I need to adding an include path (ex: …/vcpkg/installed/arm64-osx/include) but in my friend macos, this path is …/vcpkg/installed/x64-osx/include). How can I config this generally in Projucer settings?

A typical technique to address this kind of issue is to use a shell-escape to check the architecture. This might look something like this, in bash:

$ echo "../vcpkg/installed/$(arch)-osx/include"

I’m not really sure if shell-escapes are supported in the Projucer environment, however - it could be that you can put this command in and it will get expanded, but … if it doesn’t work … then why not just put both paths in the Projucer project? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The real best answer here is to use CMake. Platform specific logic is much better supported than in the Projucer.


True, that. CMake gives you everything you need to do better platform-specific builds.

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