Restart of VST3 and error in the pluginval

Hi there,
is it possible to restart a VST3 plugin? The .exe file restarts with this code, but this does not work with the VST3 file in FL Studio.

WinExec ("EQ.exe", 42);
std::quick_exit (42);

And another question, when I load the plugin in the pluginval and check the VST3 plugin for errors, it says when loading: “Note that the following file appeared to be plugin files, but failed to load correctly:”

I integrated mySQL, I tried to comment out the mySQL code and then it worked without any problems. I also tried to use std::async and save the future value, but it failed in any case.

thanks for the answers in advance :slight_smile:

Did you try turning your computer off and on again to restart the plugin? :slightly_smiling_face:

But seriously, a plugin is a plugin - as in it plugs into something to be controlled. This means it’s up to the host, the DAW that loads the vst3 or whatever, to reload the plugin.

But then you should elaborate on what you mean by “restarting” and what it is you’re trying to do…

So I would like to have the plugin reloaded in order to make another query and thus to change the size of the plugin without restarting the plugin manually. I also have a database connection where I want to reset the connection with a button and thus the plugin should load a new content. :slight_smile:

You’re able to resize your plugin dynamically. No reloading of any kind needed.