Retina on Windows10 / Studio One 5 @150%


I noticed on Windows10 / Studio One 5, popup menus are not correctly scaled if the OS scale is > 1.
In order to make the stuff working correctly, I have to a target component to each popup menu using PopupMenu::Options::withTargetComponent() then it works fine.
In the standalone version of the plugin it works perfectly.

Anyone experiencing this issue please ? it makes me a lot of dirty code in my app to fix it I would cleary avoid if possible. :slight_smile:

Here is a screenshot of an Helloworld plugin where I added the following code in the Editor.

void mouseDown(const juce::MouseEvent& e) override
  juce::PopupMenu m;
  m.addItem(1, "foo");
  m.addItem(1, "bar");

Many thanks,

The scale thing seems to be set by the host so there is no other way than doing it manually.

So basically just use showMenuAsync() then withTargetScreenArea() on juce::PopupMenu::Options() and it works. with eventually as arg for withTargetScreenArea() a rectangle with the mouse pos and width/height at zero, if you want the popup to appear at the mouse pos like for a contextual menu.