Reverb Boosts Signal dB w/ 100% Dry

Just reporting here that using the dry / wet parameters on the JUCE reverb cause a boost in the input gain of a signal even when 100% dry.

Yes we noticed this. We ported the JUCE code as we needed a different memory allocation model @toby-spitfire do you remember the factor by which it
is out?

I think the confusion is that “100% dry” is not the same as setting the dry parameter to 1.0f

    void setParameters (const Parameters& newParams)
        const float wetScaleFactor = 3.0f;
        const float dryScaleFactor = 2.0f;

        const float wet = newParams.wetLevel * wetScaleFactor;
        dryGain.setTargetValue (newParams.dryLevel * dryScaleFactor);

The code that uses the wet/dry parameters isn’t treating them as raw gain levels, they’re scaled up so that you could use them to boost the signal. I think this is a hangover from this being code that once lived in a VST and used parameters that were normalised from 0 to 1.0.

Annoyingly, you’re probably right in thinking that it’d be better if these scaling factors weren’t applied, but for us to change it would cause a silent change to the levels of many people’s existing apps, so we can’t really change it now.

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ahh gotcha, yeah I see why you wouldn’t change it even if it had already come up. I think I’m in the same boat now, really not the end of the world though. Should’ve checked before!

Perhaps someone will see this in the future and have a think to give it a check. Thanks for the clarification!

Approx. how many dB does the markup relate to? I’m chaining a gain dsp in my reverb and -6dB seem to correct it just fine. Thanks …

-6dB is what I ended up using.

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Thank you, agreed, this worked for me.