Right Alt + Click should reset controls

We've had a feature request from a few left-handed users.

Left Alt + Click works to reset controls. Right Alt + Click does not. Can this be fixed?

By "control" do you mean the Slider class?

Apologies. Yes, that's what I meant.

Hmm.. Not sure. Is this Windows?

Yes, Windows 8.1. The user is experiencing this behavior in Pro Tools and Nuendo.

Ok - looks like on win32, the right-alt key actually acts as ALT+CTRL, and a couple of months ago I deliberately changed it so that the slider reset only happens when ALT is the only modifier key down - because it was interfering with other modifier combinations that people were using. I don't want to revert that change, sorry.

Shouldn’t the user set their mouse button prefs in the OS to deal with this rather than have us worry about it?


The OP is talking about modifier keys, not mouse buttons (I misread the post and thought that initially too!)