Roland Cloud plugins crashing in AudioPluginHost on Windows (JUCE 6.1)

Hi all,

AudioPluginHost is crashing when I instantiate any of the 3 instrument plugins I currently have installed (System 8, System 100 and Zenology Pro).

Exception thrown at 0x00007FFB6D9DA3B2 (SYSTEM-8(VST3 64bit).vst3) in AudioPluginHost.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000000000001A8.

Here’s the stack (it’s the same for all 3 plugins):

SYSTEM-8(VST3 64bit).vst3!00007ffb6d9da3b2() Unknown
> AudioPluginHost.exe!juce::StoredMidiMapping::getSingleMapping(Steinberg::Vst::IMidiMapping & mapping, unsigned __int64 channelIndex, unsigned __int64 controllerIndex) Line 537 C++
AudioPluginHost.exe!juce::StoredMidiMapping::storeControllers(Steinberg::Vst::IMidiMapping & mapping, std::vector<unsigned long,std::allocator> & channel, unsigned __int64 channelIndex) Line 529 C++
AudioPluginHost.exe!juce::StoredMidiMapping::storeMappings(Steinberg::Vst::IMidiMapping & mapping) Line 509 C++
AudioPluginHost.exe!juce::VST3PluginInstance::updateMidiMappings() Line 2303 C++
AudioPluginHost.exe!juce::VST3PluginInstance::initialise() Line 2258 C++
AudioPluginHost.exe!juce::VST3PluginFormat::createPluginInstance(const juce::PluginDescription & description, double __formal, int __formal, std::function<void __cdecl(std::unique_ptr<juce::AudioPluginInstance,std::default_deletejuce::AudioPluginInstance>,juce::String const &)> callback) Line 3653 C++
AudioPluginHost.exe!juce::AudioPluginFormat::handleMessage(const juce::Message & message) Line 96 C++
AudioPluginHost.exe!juce::Message::messageCallback() Line 33 C++
AudioPluginHost.exe!juce::InternalMessageQueue::dispatchMessage(juce::MessageManager::MessageBase * message) Line 202 C++
AudioPluginHost.exe!juce::InternalMessageQueue::dispatchMessages() Line 240 C++
AudioPluginHost.exe!juce::InternalMessageQueue::dispatchNextMessage(bool returnIfNoPendingMessages) Line 125 C++
AudioPluginHost.exe!juce::dispatchNextMessageOnSystemQueue(bool returnIfNoPendingMessages) Line 266 C++
AudioPluginHost.exe!juce::MessageManager::runDispatchLoop() Line 107 C++
AudioPluginHost.exe!juce::JUCEApplicationBase::main() Line 266 C++
AudioPluginHost.exe!WinMain(HINSTANCE__ * formal, HINSTANCE * __formal, char * __formal, int __formal) Line 278 C++

Is AudioPluginHost doing something wrong perhaps? The plugins are working OK in the other hosts I’ve tried.

Many thanks,

I just tried AudioPluginHost in JUCE 6.0.8 and the plugins work OK in that too, so it looks like a regression.

Thanks for reporting. This has been fixed on the develop branch here:

Fantastic! Thanks for the quick response. I’ll test it and let you know the results in a day or so.

Thanks again,

@ed95 Fixed! Thanks again for the quick turnaround.