Roland Virtual Sonics - hiring C++ systems engineer

Roland Virtual Sonics – Audio Systems Engineer

Is this you?

How you think is more important than what you know. You have a solid foundation in your craft from past projects and work experience, but more importantly; you are curious and a creative problem solver. You enjoy the process of building something as well as the outcome. You have a measure of pride and satisfaction knowing your code is of service to others. Your work style is versatile; you can dream and you can be detail-oriented and focused. You look for the nuggets of wisdom in viewpoints of others, you offer your own insights and you can say “no” when appropriate.


• Collaborate with a team of engineers and creatives (musicians, artists, audio engineers)
• Contribute to client-side audio engine implementation and architecture
• Refactor existing code if necessary. (I.e. local or global optimizations)
• Write unit tests for key aspects of systems
• Leverage middleware where possible and as appropriate
• Contribute to the design of new products and services


• 7+ years of C++ with previously shipped commercial code
• 3+ years of at least one other language or script (Python, JavaScript, PowerShell, Bash etc.)
• Previous experience writing or leveraging audio libraries (FMOD, Miles, Wise, ASIO, WinMM)
• Experience with writing performance-critical real-time code
• Windows and/or macOS development tools (Visual Studio/X-Code), Git, Git-flow
• Knowledge of MIDI protocol, music composition, audio production and engineering
• Experience with VST SDK, JUCE SDK, DSP principles
• Experience with Atlassian workflow tools

About Roland Virtual Sonics
Roland Virtual Sonics is based in the greater Seattle area in Washington State. We are closely partnered with Roland Corp. ( and are working on products with audio professionals and hobbyists in mind which you can see showcased at

Our team’s leadership includes Jeremy Soule and Julian Soule who are some of the most accomplished composers in the video games business. They are credited with great scores in games you’ve likely played such as; Skyrim, Oblivion, Guild Wars 2 and many more.

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