Rotary Sliders: Removing the pointy gauge thing


I figured out how to add a rotary slider to a component. But now I want to style it; specifically removing the pointy gauge thing. Does anyone know?


Hi Melefono,
you have to create your “look and feel” class.
Check the Juce demo application, there is a small demo just about lookAndFeels.


What about the gauge pointer thing?


What about it?
If you do open the lookAndFeel demo, and select the “custom look and feel” or “square look and feel”, you’ll see 2 examples about how to draw a rotary slider without any “gauge pointer”.
If you create your own look and feel, you can then draw what you want. the drawing code of the rotary knobs is in drawRotarySlider()


So far I’ve managed to setup my own laf class. I’ve been trying to add the a rotary with my laf class style, but when I run it, it just shows the default style everytime.