Customer Rotary Sliders

I’m trying to learn how custom look and feel works and I have a quick question. I’m trying to make a knob that looks like a rotary slider, but dragging it only works vertically. Should I be trying to re-skin a vertical slider or should I be trying to alter the feel of the rotary slider?
I have a feeling I could get it to work both ways…but I’d like to know if there is one way that’s easier or more intuitive than the other.


The Slider class has a style RotaryVerticalDrag, which should provide the functionality you want. If you want a custom look, I think the easiest approach is to subclass Slider, set the slider style to be RotaryVerticalDrag, and then override the paint() method with your custom drawing.

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Really glad I came to the forums. I definitely would have done things the hard way haha.

Thanks a ton!

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