Rounded corner on application border

is it easy to give a juce application’s border a rounded corner …this sorta look:


Well you can make your component semi-transparent, and draw whatever kind of soft edges you like, but on windows XP these are very inefficient to draw themselves, so only suitable for small windows.

I do have a bit of a scheme that I’ve been considering though, to write something that uses a normal window for the solid bits, and automatically creates and maintains small transparent windows around its borders to do the tricky bits - similar to the way it does drop-shadows at the moment. I’d also like to get rounded corners going, so might try implementing it quite soon.

yes…i was aware of the windows xp inefficiencies which is why i asked the question…it would be great if you could pull off the rounded edges!!

please keep me abreast of developments in this area as we’d like to implement in our application very soon.