static EPlugIn_StemFormat getFormatForChans (const int numChans) throw()
        switch (numChans)
        case 1:
            return ePlugIn_StemFormat_Mono;

        case 2:
            return ePlugIn_StemFormat_Stereo;

        case 3:
            return ePlugIn_StemFormat_LCR;

        case 4:
            return ePlugIn_StemFormat_Quad;

        case 5:
            return ePlugIn_StemFormat_5dot0;

        case 6:
            return ePlugIn_StemFormat_5dot1;

        case 7:
            return ePlugIn_StemFormat_6dot1;

        case 8:
            return ePlugIn_StemFormat_7dot1;

            jassertfalse // hmm - not a valid number of chans for RTAS..

I fall into the default case here, because my channel configuration for an instrument is 0 in. Is this ok?

Hmm, that’s interesting. RTAS doesn’t really have an enum for 0 channels. I guess you could try this:

[code] switch (numChans)
case 0:
return ePlugIn_StemFormat_Generic;