Run web browser plugin

I need run in linux the example for web browser plugin .

Are you talking about the NPAPI browser plugin build, or the WebBrowserComponent ?

(Actually, either way the answer is the same - neither one is supported in linux yet!)

ok , thanks.

Are you saying that the JUCE library can not be used to create NPAPI plugins for Linux? Or only that the demo plugin is not setup to be ran on Linux?

There’s no linux support in my NPAPI wrapper. There probably wouldn’t be much extra work to do to support it, but it’s not something I’m planning to do imminently.

And I was wondering why the web browser in my simple test JUCE app runs fine on Windows, but does nothing on Linux! This is a great disappointment, and a notable portability failing, especially with such a fundamental and useful control nowadays as a web browser control. Looks like I will have to add this myself. Could you suggest any 3rd-party C or C++ Linux web browser library that would lend itself for manual integration with the way you have implemented the Linux GUI in JUCE?

Why would you need a 3rd-party library? All that’d be required to support linux would be a bit of X windows hackery to get the juce window into the right place, same as I’ve already done for OSX and windows.