Has anyone had any luck using this component on Linux? Code from the JuceDemo makes me thing this component might not available on Linux?

case showWebBrowser: result.setInfo ("Web Browser", "Shows the web browser demo", demosCategory, 0); result.addDefaultKeypress ('i', ModifierKeys::commandModifier); result.setTicked (currentDemoId == showWebBrowser); #if (! JUCE_WEB_BROWSER) || JUCE_LINUX result.setActive (true); #endif break;

I use this component on Windows and OSX to show an integrated help file. Can this be done on Linux using Juce? If not has anyone any ideas of what I could use instead?

It’s not implemented for Linux. There is no good solution to this on Linux, unfortunately. I spent some time trying to find something to integrate with JUCE but no luck.

Chromium Embedded Framework didn’t work?

Thanks, I wasn’t aware of this!

[quote=“sonic59”]Chromium Embedded Framework didn’t work?
I was looking at that a few months ago, but was scared off by the hundreds of dependencies and complex build environment. It’s not a quick drop-in solution, like the IE browser control in Windows. But very interesting ofc.

@Rory: If you do try it, please report your experience back here!

I’m not sure I’m going to put too much time into this, it might just be better in the long run to launch a browser using a some kind of system command. If I find a better solution I’ll let you know.



Just a short notice that I am currently integrating the Chromium Embedded Framework into my Juce project.

I was writting about my progress on the CEF forum (unfortunately, nobody was there for help): http://www.magpcss.org/ceforum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=11367

For now I have basic support for launching a Chromium window from my Juce application and openign a Juce window from a chromium one using a custom URI schema.

I will try now to embed directly a CEF view as Juce component into my Juce application, but this looks difficult. I will be investigating offscreen rendering.

Nice work!

Hi -

Have you made any further progress?  I'm hoping to integrate a web browser component on LInux, and just noticed it doesn't work at all.

Do you have any source code you could share?

bump. would be great to get a working webbrowser component on linux. I don't know much about linux programming but would webkit be an option in a JUCE app?

Yes, it would be great!

We’ve now added preliminary support for the WebBrowser component on linux. Please take it for a spin and let us know about any bugs you encounter.

Thanks Fabian. This is a welcome update. I can now integrate my HTML help files directly into my application. I’ll let you know if I have any issues.

It seems that the mouse wheel doesn’t scroll the content on Linux as it does on OSX and Windows.