Alternative WebBrowserComponent implementation on Windows?

Has anyone attempted an alternative implementation for the WebBrowserComponent class on Windows. For example wrapping WebKit, or Chromium Embedded Framework?

I’m considering this and it would be useful to know of any prior experience people have (especially if there’s code to share). I think something like this would also could also be the basis for opening this class up to Linux users.

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The description on suggests that this may be a viable option:

we’ve created a CEF container to display web content inside a Component. This lets users
build interfaces that combine web technology and our more traditional JUCE-based interface
elements. Everything acts as a Component and plays together. I don’t really know how this is
even possible, but it works! 

I am also super interested in integrating CEF (Chromium) into JUCE for cross-platform apps.

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Hmmm… that’s interesting. Good find! I also noticed someone had posted on the CEF forum asking about this. I tried to PM them but didn’t received a reply.

I might see if anyone at C74 is willing to share any code, or at least give some advice about the approach they took.

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