Sample rate conversion?


Does Juce have anything available for sample rate conversion (i.e., decimation and interpolation, 44.1 to 88.2, 88.2 to 44.1, etc.)? I’ve found the documentation for ResamplingAudioSource; but it looks like it’s intended for sampler playback-like applications? Thanks!


I’d like to clarify that this is in the context of processing for a plugin (performing calculations at a higher sample rate).


No, haven’t got anything like that at the moment. Wouldn’t have thought it’s difficult to do though.


I’m sure your correct with respect to it being relatively easy. I had just been reading the section on sample rate conversion in Understanding Digital Signal Processing (Lyons) and when I started thinking about Low Pass FIRs with Blackman windows, I thought I’d take advantage of anything out-of-the-box, if present.

NP, I’ll do my research, this is something I should know how to do. Thanks!