sampleRate is 0 with Mac Mini M1

I am implementing a host / standalone app.
When I create the AudioIODeviceCallback, I get a sample rate of 0 in the audioDeviceAboutToStart().
The AudioIODevice is juce::CoreAudioClasses::AudioIODeviceCombiner

I debugged into the juce::CoreAudioClasses::AudioIODeviceCombiner::start() and can see there that the getAvailableSampleRates() returns an empty array.
The output is functional, but the samplerate is always 0 which screws up my pipeline (and prevents me fro using the MidiInputCollector).

I am opening two input and two output channels:

deviceManager.addAudioCallback (&outputMatrix.getCallback());
deviceManager.initialiseWithDefaultDevices (2, 2);

The same code works flawless with my UAD Apollo attached.

I checked with the last 6.1.6 commit as well as the latest 7.0.0.

I completely forgot that I have a USB webcam connected to the Mini. When I remove that, it works as expected.
Seems the AudioIODeviceCombiner fails to return the samplerate it combines to. This samplerate should always be included in getAvailableSampleRates().

Slight bump.

Would be good to get a valid sample rate when having a webcam connected (AudioIODeviceCombiner).

This issue is now addressed on develop. Thanks for the report

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Just tested, it solves my issue here. Thanks @attila !

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Out of curiosity, what was the model and manufacturer of the webcam?

Oh yeah, I forgot. The probably cheapest possible. They didn’t even bother making a company name up :wink:
Screenshot 2022-09-21 at 10.39.38

The internet finds them under the vendor ID as Man & Machine Inc. /
Not sure how accurate that is, they don’t look like doing 15 bucks cameras on their website…

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