SamplerPlugin audio


Anyone have any idea why the SamplerPluginDemo doesn’t produce audio?

It builds and runs, I can see the playhead moving when I press notes on my controller, but no audio. (Mac, Mojave, Xcode, develop branch)



It was independently verified by 2 other people it doesn’t work with a legacy MIDI controller. (I guess the MPE stuff is expecting some MIDI CC to be set for the volume level, even when the “legacy mode” is activated in the example?)



Hey guys, I’m also experiencing this bug.

The bug occurs because the synth is using the pressure to set the level, which is always 0 with a non-MPE controller even in legacy mode.

as a quick fix, change line 253 in SamplerPluginDemo.h to:
level.setTargetValue (currentlyPlayingNote.noteOnVelocity.asUnsignedFloat());

Although there probably should be some proper addressing to legacy mode there (also in MPEDemo).