Hello everyone, it’s my first post here! I’m Paolo and I’m the main developer at FluffyAudio, we do libraries for Kontakt, but after struggling with the slowness of the scripting I decided to give JUCE a try. Years ago I have developed a plugin in Delphi (!!!) so I have a basic knowledge of how to program audio (including some necessary SIMD optimizations due to the slowness of Delphi). I always stayed away from C++ because it seemed over complicated, but I was struck about how the efforts in either Juce and the recent developments in C++ were made to provide a clean and simple set of tools that resembles languages that I love like Java. In short: last weeks I was completely hooked to Juce and started right away to work on a kind of absurd but very cool idea.
It’s has been like playing with the Lego Mindstorms for the first time, after a life spent playing with Lego Duplo :smiley:
Coming from the sampler world, I immediately noticed that there’s a SamplerPluginDemo in the new Juce release. But when I try to compile it in XCode, it gives me a series of errors:

First it seems that it needs some std:: namespaces and more fixes. Before trying to fix them in code I was wondering if I’m opening it badly (I just drag the PIPs in Projucer, open XCode and compile). I was really interested in this demo because I’m actually writing something that could possibly make great use of this, but I prefer to know how experienced developers do it, before trying to implement my own, possibly awkward, solution.

Thank you

Which OS-X and XCode versions are you on? edit : Nevermind, I am getting those same or similar errors in Windows and Visual Studio too.

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I was able to build the Surround Plugin Demo without problems, though. So there’s some specific issue in the Sampler Plugin Demo, I guess.

Thanks for flagging this, I’ll take a look today.

OK this should be fixed now.

Not in develop branch? :wink:

Oops, looks like our CI had a bit of a weird moment. It should be on develop shortly.

EDIT: It’s up now

Still not working for Visual Studio 2017.

The first error I get is :

1>c:\programmingprojects_experiments2018\samplerplugin\source\samplerplugindemo.h(2623): error C2039: ‘mutex’: is not a member of ‘std’ (compiling source file …\Source\Main.cpp)

Thanks, it should be fixed on develop soon.


The samplerplugin demo is building and opening, but how do i make it playback?

You’ll need to use an MPE-compatible device for controlling the plugin.

I’m assuming my old midi keyboard is not MPE-compatible. Is there any way to create a virtual MPE device?