Sandboxed ios app "Documents" folder location?

What is the current way to find the documents folder of an app, you know the one exposed to iTunes?

used to be

But saving there doesnt show the file on iTunes.

Thanks in advance

File::getSpecialLocation (File::userDocumentsDirectory) ?

Resurrecting this zombie thread, because I’m having the following issue:

If I use what Jules suggests above, that works fine in the standalone app. However, my AUv3 hangs when I try to save, and it doesn’t see the contents for loading, when using that folder. What’s the preferred folder for reading/writing on a sandboxed, hosted AUv3?

Actually, I think I’m on the Road To Success here. I was just reading the .appex docs, and came across this bit:

"To enable data sharing, use Xcode or the Developer portal to enable app groups for the containing app and its contained app extensions. Next, register the app group in the portal and specify the app group to use in the containing app. To learn about working with app groups, see Adding an App to an App Group.

After you enable app groups, an app extension and its containing app can both use the NSUserDefaults API to share access to user preferences. To enable this sharing, use the initWithSuiteName: method to instantiate a new NSUserDefaults object, passing in the identifier of the shared group."

So, heading in to Roll-Your-Own territory, but this doesn’t look terribly complex.

Aaaand just found that you guys are adding App Groups to Projucer eventually. This is a bump for that. :slight_smile:

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