Scrolling a viewport without scrollbars

I'm building a custom properties dialog that scrolls inside a viewport.  Is there a sensible approach to making it scroll without scrollbars (vertically)?  Most apps have panels that will scroll by dragging alone - a web page on a phone for example.


Will I have to capture mousedown/mousedrag events in every individual component in the viewport, or will the viewport itself be capable of seeing the 'drag' event, even if it initiates over another component (eg a TextEditor <-- which I'll only be using single line editors in the dialog pane)?


I guess I could have wrote some test code in the time it took to write this :)

Gestures are on the to-do list!

Thanks Jules.  It's not a 'must-have' feature for me right now so I can afford to wait and see if you implement it first ;)


I'm just glad to see I'm not missing some existing functionality.  From my test code I reckon I could make the component in the viewport talk back to the viewport itself, and do what I need through the components own mouse event handlers. 


Thanks again :)