Seeking a DSP Engineer - Audio Processing - C++ - Server Side Infrastructure

We are looking for a DSP Engineer to create a set of audio processing classes for our server side infrastructure.

We need an EQ, a Multi band gate an Optical Compressor and a Limiter.
The interface of the Eq class would look something like this.

bool Eq::process(float* input, float* output, unsigned int numberOfSamples)	

void Eq::setLowCutBand(float* frequency, unsigned int dbPerOctave)

void Eq::setParametricBandOne(float* frequency, float* gainLevel, float* bandWidth)

void Eq::setHighCutBand(float* frequency, unsigned int dbPerOctave)

We require each DSP block to have a process method and setter methods for configuring the parameters.

We can offer more work in future for the right person.

Please email me if you are interested in this work and I can provide more information, including an interface spec for each of the DSP blocks and a some audio examples for reference of the sound quality we are aiming for.

My email is