Seeking DAW Developer

Looking for a developer who has experience with DAWs and ideally DAW development. Wanting to develop an incredibly basic software with few functions, namely:

  1. Importing and exporting tracks
  2. Cutting audio files
  3. Adding fades and cross-fades
  4. Speeding up and slowing down audio files
  5. Adding sfx to track from built in library of roughly 100 sfx
  6. Possibly adding basic built in plugins (most likely just a basic audio limiter)

This won’t be a typical DAW. It doesn’t even need recording capabilities and will only require 2 tracks. Just those basic editing maneuvers. Another important aspect of this project will be a crisp, clean and good looking GUI. Let me know if you’re interested. Or if anyone has solid ideas on how difficult of a project this would be, I’d appreciate the feedback.

Thanks in advance.


Sounds like fun.
What would be interesting, which platform you want to target:

  • Desktop?
  • iOS?
  • Android?

(too busy myself, but got me curious)

You should consider Tracktion Engine for this: It already has most of the features you need. You’ll still need to build a GUI. The 100 sfx, are those something you already have or will they need to be built as well?

Do you already have ideas for how you want the GUI to look?

Send me an email at and we can discuss further.