(position filled) Need programmer for audio editor with some DAW features

position is filled

Contact me at soundemote@gmail.com

Here is an overall description of the project: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1q7EP_udjCG-LifLWy-jFwady8_-TmyCU9ChDARYc1ug/edit?usp=sharing

Here is a large concept image of the software. Please note, this is not representative of desired look or organization of the GUI, it is simply to get some points across: http://www.elanhickler.com/_/editor_mockup.png

Not everything is fleshed out in these documents, I will work with you to find alternative ways of implementing a feature so the app is easier to create. Once hired, I will go more in depth with the features and goals of the app and continue to refine the documents describing the app and its features.

-no advanced audio DSP needed, I will provide all audio processing functions
-not required to know spectral processing, I will provide pixel/rendering functions
-not required to know how to draw waveforms, I can provide functions for that as well.
-no artistic skills needed, I have a GUI artist who can create art assets.

-familiarity with JUCE C++ library and its GUI API
-basic DSP knowledge of audio hardware for recording/playback
-object-oriented design / design-patterns
-multithreading or concurrent programming

-know how to create an app that can host VSTs
-have access to win and mac for testing your code
-implement a scripting language such as lua that the end-user can use to extend the app