Seeking freelance JUCE developer for simple MIDI plugin

Hi JUCE crew, I’m designing the UI for a simple MIDI plugin to map multiple notes to a single key and I need help with the actual implementation. I’m a full time JavaScript/React developer and I would build it myself but I have zero experience with C++ and I’d like to speed up the development process.

I’m sure something along these lines has been built a million times, but I haven’t been able to find a cross platform plugin that works the way I want it to. The plan is to distribute this plugin for free once it’s built.

I would prefer someone with at least a few years of experience developing with JUCE, and with my own code I prioritize readability/understandability above everything else (for example, single letter variable names are never OK), so I would love to find a developer that shares that priority as I plan to take over the codebase myself at some point.

Please message me on here if interested!



This job has been taken! An amazing community member here messaged me about this post, very grateful for this forum :pray:t3: