Select all not working in native FileChooser

In our application we're using the FileChooser to open up a save dialog. Everything is working except that the user is not able to use the keyboard shortcut command+a to select everything they've typed into the "Save As" text input.

It seems to be something to do with the modal state, since whenever I try to use this shortcut I get the system warning beep. Other applications (ProTools for instance) use the native system save prompt in a modal state, however you can still access this keyboard shortcut and are able to click the application's menu bar. The menu bar is locked in our application while the save prompt is open, so that might point to the answer. Any ideas? 

I’ve just run into this.
@Amusesmile did you ever find a workaround?
I can see that the native dialog launches it’s own menu bar using TemporaryMainMenuWithStandardCommands() and I can hack it to include the selectAll - and it works…

But I’d need to take a copy of the JUCE_gui_basics module in order to add this one little feature and I really don’t want to have any more custom modules than is absolutely necessary.

@jules do you think we could add these few lines to

                item = [[NSMenuItem alloc] initWithTitle: NSLocalizedString (nsStringLiteral ("Select All"), nil)
                                          action: @selector (selectAll:)  keyEquivalent: nsStringLiteral ("a")];
        [menu addItem: item];
        [item release];

Anyone have suggestions on how to get this tiny little change into the offical release?


Another bump from me - we’ve had some users complaining that they can’t use select all when saving files. Would it be possible to add this change?