Selection of functions in OpenGLExtensionFunctions

I noticed today that glDrawBuffers is missing from OpenGLExtensionFunctions and then looked into the class definition. As glDrawBuffers is available since OpenGL version 2.0 and there are other functions listed, which only got added in later versions, it is not clear to me why many functions are missing.

There is a comment stating the list of functions was generated, but based on which data? Would it be possible to add the absent functions? 

It's not supposed to be an exhaustive list, it's mainly there so that all the GL functions that juce needs internally are available on older platforms. If you're building for GL 2.0 then in your own code you can probably just include the newer headers to get the functions you need, can't you?

I guess you still need to load the function pointers at runtime, but of course it's possible. I just thought it would be nice for JUCE to provide all functions, because the mechanisms are already there.

Sure, I don't mind adding that function - I just don't want to get into a feature-creep situation where I end up adding hundreds of functions!

Presumably this additional line works for you:

    EXT_FUNCTION (glDrawBuffers,            void, (GLsizei p1, const GLenum* p2), (p1, p2)) \