sendChangeMessage time issue

Hi julian,
Am sorry if this issue has been logged before.

 I have been using "sendChangeMessage" to broadcast a change message to the listener. In this case both the "ChangeListener" and the " 	ChangeBroadcaster" are thread classes and both of them are not running.

It worked without any issues on mac(using both juce_1.39 and  juce_1.45) but on pc it takes long time before the listener receives the change message. It takes atleast 40 seconds  more than the mac build. If I use "sendChangeMessage" from a non thread class there are no issues, the response time on mac and pc are similar. 

I could consistently regenerate this issue, I used “ActionListener” and “ActionBroadcaster” and that solved the problem.

Is this some issue with windows(pc) message manager(or message queue)?? If so can you trigger “sendChangeMessage” in a manner similar to that “sendActionMessage”

There’s no such issue that I know about. But obviously all these classes need the event thread to be running freely for the messages to arrive - maybe you’re doing something on your message thread that’s blocking it for long periods?

Whether or not you derive your listeners from a Thread is irrelevant, because no threads are used by these classes.

(If you’re still on a very old version of the library though, there could be bugs that I’ve forgotten about that might be relevant here)

Well am on a very old version of juce, if it’s fixed then it’s good enough coz i intend to move the application to latest version of juce in few months time.

Thanks for prompt reply,