ChangeBroadcaster / ChangeListener oddity in Wavelab


I have a strange problem in a plugin.
Everything works well in all MAC / PC Formats (included RTAS) in all sequencers, excepted Wavelab.
Actually, calling sendChangeMessage in the Audio thread never ends up to call changeListenerCallback in the UI thread… :?
Do others have this problem ?


TBH, calling sendChangeMessage in the audio thread is probably a bad idea - it has to call OS functions to post the message, so could potentially block/glitch. Best avoided if possible.


hum, okay.
How else should I notice the UI thread that a new preset have been loaded, or that a paremeter have been sent by the host ? (to update the knob positions)


okay, I’ve seen the new plugin example. I’ll use a timer…sorry !


It’s the sort of thing that you’d probably get away almost all the time, but in a serious plugin you’d want to avoid possible problems like that.