sendNotification doesn't work in timerCallback - is it OK?

I’ve found out in my project when I call
mySlider.setValue(someValue, sendNotification)
the sliderValueChanged() is not called. Is it normal behaviour? Or I do something wrong?

I also tried to call mySlider.valueChanged() and it also doesn’t work. Of course everything work OK when I call that outside of timerCallback().
It’s not big deal in my case. I can go around that in some way. But I just wonder it’s strange. And can’t figure it out what’s wrong?

It’s not first time I have some issue with sendNotification. As I remember some time ago I had vice versa issue that after calling mySlider.setValue(someValue, dontSendNotification) (that time not in timerCallback()) the sliderValueChanged() was still called. Actually I can’t remember exact scenario for that issue. But at all it looks like I don’t understand something with sendNotification / dontSendNotification.

For any help, thanks in advance.

I am so sorry, I’ve just figure it out, that what I described happens only if Slider value is not changed. I mean when I call mySlider.setValue(someValue, sendNotification)
where someValue is the same value as slider value is already.
So sorry for that stupid post.